Eric Solomon (European Cellars)

Goodbye corporate life, hello entrepreneurialism. In 1989 Eric quit his job and opened European Cellars. For the first five years he imported exclusively French wines, with an emphasis on the south. “A 35-year-old man is not in a position to walk into the office of a Grand Cru burgundy producer and say ‘Hi, I’m Eric Solomon, sign me up,’” he says. “At the time Rhones such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape were still largely unknown. Now, thanks to Robert Parker and Kermit Lynch, they’re powerhouse wines, but back then nobody was paying attention to them. It was a good place to start.”

Eric almost immediately drew the journalistic attention of venerable wine writer Robert Parker, whom he calls “Bob” “He is one of the most ethical and giving people in the business,” says Eric. “When we first met I didn’t know he loved Rhone wines but I happened to send him a Chateauneuf-du-Pape that he’d never tried. He called me and said ‘Tell me about this producer, and by the way, who are you?’ Bob likes the worthy underdog and here I was a kid with no real presence in the wine world exploring uncharted territory. He became my advocate.”

The next truly pivotal moment in Eric Solomon’s life came five years later. “What changed my life was meeting Daphne,” says Eric, referring to his wife, winemaker Daphne Glorian. “It sounds like a soap opera, but it’s true. By that time I had this little office in Chelsea where the rents were low but you had to literally step over the junkies lying on the steps every morning. If you stuck your head out the window and turned it perfectly you could get a glimpse of the Empire State Building. I was inundated with unsolicited samples from small vineyards in Europe, so many that one whole wall of my office was wine. I was feeling guilty - these people had gone to the trouble of boxing and sending these bottles overseas and I owed them some sort of response, so one spring day I sat down and started tasting.” He tried 80 wines that day but one stopped him in his tracks. It was called Clos Erasmus and because of the name, and the fact the other wines were all French, Eric assumed he was tasting a French wine. “When I looked at the label and saw it was from the Priorat region in Spain I was floored,” he says. “I had never even heard of the Priorat and, as it turns out, no one else had either.”

Daphne Glorian had sent Eric that bottle so many months earlier she’d forgotten about it. She was traveling in South America and it took days for him to catch up with her. “When I looked at the label it had such an absurdly low number that I knew she wasn’t producing much,” says Eric. “I wrote her saying ‘I’ll take every bottle you have.’” Daphne still recalls how she felt when she finally read his fax. It was her first vintage. She had never sold a bottle of wine before in her whole life. And now this guy in America wanted it all.
It was a life-altering moment for both of them - Daphne took Eric into the world of Spanish wines, Eric took Daphne into the American market. They didn’t actually meet for two years, but when they did, it was “at first sight” and an intercontinental romance began. “We had a modern relationship,” he laughs. “A new vineyard is a sieve of time and money and Daphne and I were building our businesses on different continents at the same time.”


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Cara Nord imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
665202014 Negre 750ml17.9915.99Add to Cart.


Castano imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
669652013 Vinas Vieja Solanera92 WA750ml16.9914.99Add to Cart.


Clos Erasmus imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
653712012 Clos Erasmus 98 WA750ml245.00210.00Add to Cart.


Clos St. Jean imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
633922012 Deus Ex Machina Chateauneuf du Pape98 WA750ml220.00199.00Add to Cart.


Comando G imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
671822014 La Bruja de Rozas Vinos de Madrid750ml27.9924.99Add to Cart.


Domaine la Garrigue imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
660562011 Cuvee de L'Hostellerie Vacqueyras91750ml24.9921.99Add to Cart.
690922015 Cuvee Romaine Cotes du Rhone750ml16.9914.99Add to Cart.


Equipo Navazos imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
621402011 Pedro Ximenez Casa del Inca Sherry Montilla Moriles750ml59.9952.99Add to Cart.
627532012 OVNI Blanco Montilla Moriles750ml21.9918.99Add to Cart.


Familia Nin-Ortiz imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
570082010 Planetes de Nin Crianza 750ml51.9945.99Add to Cart.


Finca Villacreces imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
668882013 Pruno Ribera del Duero750ml20.9918.99Add to Cart.


Herencia Altes imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
685902015 750ml12.999.99Add to Cart.


Janasse imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
570552010 Chaupin Chateauneuf du Pape98 WA1.5L299.00239.00Add to Cart.
611862012 Chaupin Chateauneuf du Pape

"Building nicely on the palate, it is medium to full-bodied, beautifully textured, has tons of sweet fruit and solid, if not firm, tannin that come out on the finish." Jeb Dunnuck
- Wine Advocate

94 WA750ml89.9979.99Add to Cart.
632422012 Chaupin Chateauneuf du Pape1.5L199.00179.00Add to Cart.
611872012 V.V. Chateauneuf du Pape

"Up in the top handful of wines in the offers blockbuster notes of blackberry, liquid-violets, spice and serious minerality to go with awesome mid-palate depth and layers of sweet tannin." Jeb Dunnuck
- Wine Advocate

96 WA750ml139.00109.00Add to Cart.
611852012 Chateauneuf du Pape

"The 2012 Chateauneuf is beautiful, with medium to full-bodied richness. It shows the purity and balance of the vintage, and will dish out loads of pleasure over the coming decade or more. " Jeb Dunnuck
- Wine Advocate

92 WA750ml69.9954.99Add to Cart.
632292012 Les Garrigues Cotes du Rhone93 WA750ml49.9944.99Add to Cart.
658852014 Blanc Chateauneuf du Pape93 WA750ml62.9956.99Add to Cart.
683812014 Reserve Cotes du Rhone750ml16.9914.99Add to Cart.


Jean-Paul & Benoit Droin imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
662222014 Chablis88-91
88-91 BH
750ml29.9924.99Add to Cart.


Marcoux imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
514332009 V.V. Chateauneuf du Pape94 WA
96 WS
750ml209.00179.00Add to Cart.
610852012 V.V. Chateauneuf du Pape

"The wine possesses a perfumed, complex profile...followed by a full-bodied, voluptuously textured wine that has layers of sweet fruit, fine tannin and terrific length. This cuvee is once again one of the top wines in 2012." Jeb Dunnuck
- Wine Advocate

95 WA750ml199.00169.00Add to Cart.
610842012 Chateauneuf du Pape

"Offers a range of pure red fruit, seamlessly layered with graphite, red licorice and apple wood accents. Polished around the edges, but with a tug of earth lurking in the background."
- Wine Spectator

93 WS750ml74.9954.99Add to Cart.


Mas Alta Romani imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
413152005 La Basseta 91 ST750ml84.9959.99Add to Cart.
413142005 La Creu Alta 93 ST750ml134.0099.99Add to Cart.


Pazo Senorans imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
688142015 750ml19.9917.99Add to Cart.


Rafael Palacios imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
654892014 Louro Do Bolo 750ml21.9919.99Add to Cart.


Roger Sabon imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
693762014 Reserve Chateauneuf du Pape93 WS750ml49.9944.99Add to Cart.


Tikves Winery imported by Eric SolomonScoreSizeListSale 
642072012 Rkaciteli Special Selection Tikves750ml11.999.99Add to Cart.
691052013 Bela Voda Tikves750ml22.9919.99Add to Cart.
691042013 Vranec Special Selection Tikves750ml12.9910.99Add to Cart.


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