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In-Store Tasting:
A True Hero and Now A Legend for Barolo Wine Lovers

MacArthurs Honors The Recent Passing of Domenico Clerico

Come Celebrate and Taste Some Of His Cru Barolo Wines Saturday, August 12th 1-4

A  great success story Domenico started with very little and through tireless hard work and dedication was able to make a name for himself  in the Barolo wine business.  As quoted below he had an immediate passion for the vines and this propelled him reach outstanding results in winemaking.


"Since the very beginning, my priority was working among the vines, convinced that in order to make great wine, one must care for the vineyard with love and dedication." -Domenico Clerico


"I quickly established a deep connection with the land and as a result developed an on going exchange with each vineyard, continuously learning and better understanding the needs of each vine at each moment of the year." -Domenico Clerico


Anyone who knew him or had the chance to taste wines with him would instantly recognize the passion and bond he had with his vines.  In the four or five times I had the opportunity to meet and taste with Domenico I was always charmed by his spirit.  Though he spoke little English I could not help wishing my Italian was better if only to express more appreciation for his work.  Antonio Galloni  sumed it up well by saying "Clerico had tremendous pride in his work.  Each wine elicited a beaming smile that lit up the room and plenty of laughs punctuated by Clerico's signature cigarette weathered raspy voice."  We will all miss Domenico Clerico but we can still raise a glass of his Barolo and smile his passion and his work are to be forever admired.  Salute! to Domenico and icon of Barolo.



64238 2008 Clerico Barolo Aeroplan Srevaj
(17btls available)
95 WA 93.99

63538 2010 Clerico Barolo Briccotto 1.5L
(5 available)
95 WA 357.00

56610 2008 Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin
(35 available)
92 WA 91.99

63651 2010 Clerico Barolo Ciabot Mentin Ginestra
(22 available)
95 VM 89.99

56608 2008 Clerico Barolo Pajana
(9 available)
91 WA 91.99

60517 2009 Clerico Barolo Pajana
(12 available)
94 WA 99.99

64221 2010 Clerico Barolo Pajana
(36 available)
94 VM 89.99

56606 2009 Langhe Rosso Arte Clerico
(7btls available)

72620 2014 Dolcetto Langhe  Visadi Clerico
(24 btls available)

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