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Gin Buyers Guide

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Complex, slightly bitter, and refreshing, Gin is made for Spring and Summer

Refreshing drinks include; the Negroni, the Tom Collins, the Gimlet and of course, few cocktails are as easy and refreshing as the Gin and Tonic.... at home in any number of refreshing drinks, gin is perhaps The Perfect Spring and Summer Spirit.

London Dry

London Dry Gin is what most people think of as “gin.” London dry gin doesn’t have to be made in London and most aren’t. They are typically very dry, heavily juniper flavored, light in body, and aromatic. It’s what you typically get in a Gin and Tonic or Martini. 

You’re definitely going to get juniper, because juniper is the most dominant flavor within the gin and hence the reason it’s called gin (juniper is genévrier in French). To get the flowery, botanical flavor, this style of gin is typically infused with various aromatic ingredients during the 2nd or 3rd distillation process, giving each brand its own unique taste. Some London Dry gins steep fresh citrus peels or dried peels before distillation and that gives them a bright, citrus flavor—and why a twist of lemon really does magic in a martini, bringing all of that out even more.

London dry gin doesn’t have to be made in London and most aren’t, common brands include Tanqueray, Bombay Sapphire, and Beefeater. This style is great for classic martinis, gin and tonics, and Aviation cocktails. Sipsmith London Dry, Haymans London DryElena (Vietti)London Dry in Langa Style Gin

Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is a less dry cousin to London Dry Gin that must be made in Plymouth, England. Infused with more roots, this style of gin has an earthier flavor with softer juniper notes than other styles. Currently, there is only one brand of Plymouth gin produced in the world and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s called Plymouth. "Plymouth was very special because it named in the Savoy Cocktail Book, and it was in 23 gin recipes in the book. It was one of the most significant cocktail books in the world and still is to this day. So to have the actual name physically in it, is very very important. With that, it allowed Plymouth to become very popular in the first part of the 20th century when a lot of gins were coming onto the market." It can be used anywhere a London Dry Gin is used. Plymouth

Old Tom Gin 

Old Tom Gin is a sweeter cousin to London Dry Gin and is appropriately named as it was the preferred gin in a Tom Collins. It’s often thought of as somewhere in between a London Dry Gin and Genever. "Old Tom is very good gin, the botanicals are usually distilled, the sweetness in it normally comes from a larger amount of licorice that’s in the distillation; they don’t add flavor after. It doesn’t taste like licorice, in case you’re wondering, but that different balance of ingredients affects the texture and "perception of taste”. It’s richer in flavor than London Dry, which is why Old Tom works better in mixed drinks and pre-Prohibition cocktails, anything that has bitter flavors.” Old Tom Gin is most famously used in the Tom Collins and Martinez cocktails but is also delicious in a Ramos Gin Fizz and in a Martinez (gin, sweet vermouth, maraschino liqueur, bitters). -Luke O’Neil Hayman’s Old Tom, Barr Hill Reserve Tom Cat, Ransom Old Tom

Navy Strength

Navy Strength gin is an overproof version of London Dry originally used by the British Royal Navy because it wouldn’t inhibit gunpowder from lighting when damp with gin. Navy Strength gin must be bottled at 114 proof or higher. Distillers must balance the usual flavors at the higher proof, but the taste is essentially the same.  Hayman’s Royal Dock of Deptford, Joseph Magnus Vigilant, Rock Rose Navy Strength, Plymouth


Genever or Dutch Gin is the original style of gin, dating back to 16th-century Holland. The base grains are malted, similar to whiskey, giving it a more robust flavor. It’s also flavored with juniper and botanicals, but less so than the other gin types. Less botanical than the English styles, and more sippable, Genever has been revived by craft mixologists who are using it creatively in cocktails (John Collinses, Gin Fixes), but it is just as good for sipping straight or chilled 

"Instead of using a neutral grain spirit, Genever distillers actually create a malt wine spirit, which is the predominant flavor of the gin. The grains are left to ferment for five days or so, and then turned into a mash, which is similar to how whiskey is made. Then theyll add different botanicals, including juniper, but the difference here between the dry gins and Genever is that juniper is not the predominant flavor. The actual gin is a lot more malty. Flavors added can be cloves, caraway, ginger, nutmeg. So youve got vaguely different style of taste, and you certainly have way more earth notes within it. If Old Tom is considered "rich" in flavor, Genever is even richer, meaning its best in rich cocktails, with something like sweet vermouth, or stirred with a tiny bit of bitters and a touch of sugar like a gin Old Fashioned. The idea is the malt wine has such a predominant flavor, if youre mixing it with something richer in flavor, its going to work really well,"  -Luke O’Neil Bols Genever 

Sloe Gin

Sloe Gin  is a gin-based liqueur flavored with sloe berries (relatives of plums) common in England. Sloe Gin is  traditionally made by soaking sloes in gin and sugar (to help extract the flavor), sloe gin must be at least 25-percent ABV by EU regulations, making it an easy dessert sipper and useful cocktail ingredient in drinks like Sloe Gin Fizzes and Bees Knees.

Deep, jammy and tart fruit, like cherries combined with plums on overload. If it’s made with a London Dry base, sloe gin may also have flavors of juniper, citrus, etc. Hayman’s Sloe Gin , Plymouth Sloe Gin

New American or International Style

New American Gin or International Style Gin is an umbrella term used to refer to all of the new styles of gin that use the same base distilling process but are predominantly infused with flavors other than juniper berries. The most common one you might be familiar with is Hendrick’s, flavored with cucumber and rose. These gins tend to put less emphasis on juniper and more emphasis on other aromatics like floral botanicals, citrus, or, as is the case with Hendrick’s, cucumber.There are no legal classifications for the crop of modern craft gin distillers, but the stylistic similarities are enough to group them together. Roku Gin, BluecoatHendrick’s Gin, Xoriguer Gin de Mahon GinSt. George Botanivore Gin

Plymouth Sloe Gin
750ml | SKU 47293 
Rubinoff Gin
1.75L | SKU 59228 
Aviation Gin
750ml | SKU 60118 
Barr Hill Gin
750ml | SKU 57716 
Beefeater Gin
1.75L | SKU 47998 
Beefeater Gin
750ml | SKU 48000  Beefeater London Dry Gin is possibly the ultimate benchmark when considering gins.
Bluecoat Gin
750ml | SKU 48354 
Bombay Sapphire Gin
750ml | SKU 47214 
Bombay Gin
750ml | SKU 47359 
Boodles Gin
1.75L | SKU 47743 
Booth's Gin
1.75L | SKU 47807 
Botanist (Bruichladdich) Islay Gin
750ml | SKU 54591  Nine classic gin botanicals are augmented by 22 local herbs and flowers, foraged responsibly and by hand from the hills, shores and bogs of this fertile hebridean island by our own team of botanical scientists.
Death's Door Gin
750ml | SKU 51660 
Gunpowder Irish Gin
750ml | SKU 78871 
Gilbey's Gin
750ml | SKU 47257 
Gray Whale Gin
750ml | SKU 83927 
Gordon's Gin
1.75L | SKU 48521 
Green Hat Gin
750ml | SKU 59018 
Hayman's Royal Dock of Deptford - Navy Strength Gin
750ml | SKU 65270  The high strength and botanical intensity means that bartenders may find it unparalleled. I think it could well be the gold standard...
Hayman's London Gin
750ml | SKU 62777 
Hendrick's Gin
750ml | SKU 55835 
Hendrick's Gin
1.75L | SKU 55836 
Piucinque Gin
750ml | SKU 79654 
Roku Gin
750ml | SKU 77214  The premium craft gins flavor profile is achieved by balancing six unique Japanese botanicals with eight traditional gin botanicals.
Seagram's Gin
750ml | SKU 48508 
Sipsmith London Dry Gin
750ml | SKU 61108  Sipsmith Gin is a near-perfect classic style gin. Bartenders and classic-gin fans the world around continue to discover this gin which is pretty much as good as it gets.
Edinburgh Gin
750ml | SKU 61483 
St. George Rye Gin
750ml | SKU 78579 
Tanqueray London Dry Gin
1.75L | SKU 47879  Along with Beefeater, I think its one of the most juniper-heavy gins on the market...
Tanqueray London Dry Gin
750ml | SKU 49057  Along with Beefeater, I think its one of the most juniper-heavy gins on the market...
Garnish Island Irish Gin
750ml | SKU 84410