Old Overholt is said to be America's oldest continually-maintained brand of whiskey having been founded in West Overton, Pennsylvania in 1810. After World War 2, Americans turned to clear spirits, and Old Overholt soon found itself as the only nationally distributed straight rye whiskey on the market. Despite being the only rye on the market, it struggled, and in 1987 was sold to James B. Beam Distilling Company. After the sale, production was moved to Kentucky. Beam Suntory markets Old Overholt as one of the ?The Olds? along with Old Grand-Dad. NOSESweet scents of graham cracker, caramel, and vanilla frosting are at the forefront overtop a citrusy orange base. The nose is quite expressive for an 80 proof whiskey. Minor notes of oak and rye spice are also present, but barely make an impact over the sweet aromas. PALATEThe palate is extremely thin and watery with a very basic composition. It's hard to readily pick out any flavors due to them being so diluted. There are faint traces of leather, cinnamon, and orange, but they're weak and muddled. FINISHThe same flavors that are present in the palate ramp up a notch on the finish, but quickly fade, barely leaving a trace they were even there. For a brief moment these flavors show some hope before they quickly evaporate. It's a shame since that moment isn't all that bad.

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