Old crow bourbon is named after the inventor of the sour mash process dr. James c. Crow. In fact in 1835 old crow bourbon was the first bourbon to begin using this process that today has become a standard in the bourbon industry. Old crow is the original sour mash bourbon. 40% abv 80 proof old crow is one of the most historic bourbons. It was served in the presidential homes of andrew jackson william henry harrison and ulysses s. Grant. Old crow was enjoyed and praised by the likes of walt whitman daniel webster henry clay jack london and mark twain. During the civil war regiments from both the north and the south frequently received rations of bourbon. Some historians like to argue that general u. S. Grant received more than his fair share although his drinking has always been exaggerated. Legend has it that after the battle of shiloh in which the union suffered staggering losses grant's critics came out in the legion and went to president lincoln and demanded grant

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