R?my Martin XO is our Cellar Master's signature cognac, expertly blending up to 400 different eaux-de-vie. The Cellar Master's art of blending allows us to express the full aromatic complexity of this XO Cognac Fine Champagne. Enjoy R?my Martin XONEAT, ON ICE, OR MIXED INTO AN OLD FASHIONED You can enjoy R?my Martin XO neat or on the rocks. According to Baptiste Loiseau, Cellar Master of the House of R?my Martin, XO also expresses its full potential as an aperitif, on the rocks. Ideal when enjoyed between connoisseurs who can together appreciate its infinitely aromatic richness. The delicate aromas of R?my Martin XO are also perfect when mixed into an Old Fashioned. First created in 1884 by a barman working at the Pendennis Club in Louisville, Kentucky, the Old-Fashioned is considered one of the most legendary classic cocktails. For an ideal pairing, XO can be accompanied with a cigar or chocolate.

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