Tanqueray London Dry Gin is the standard-bearer, and the company provides the identity of only three ingredients ? angelica, coriander, and juniper. The rest are secret. [It's said there is only one more: licorice.] That said, all one really needs to know ? or tastes ? in Tanqueray is the juniper. Along with Beefeater, I think it's one of the most juniper-heavy gins on the market. Obviously people are into that: ?Tanq & Tonic? is one of the most-called-by-name drinks of all time. The juniper nose is rich and strong on the palate. Secondary flavors are elusive, but you'll find mildly bitter lemon and orange peel if you hunt for them. That evergreen character is all-encompassing, and as with heavily-peated Scotch, you either like this or you don't. I find Tanqueray grows on you over time, but my ultimate gin preference is always to seek something with a little more balance and nuance.

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