The classic rum liqueur of Scandinavia. ?Swedish Punsch? is made from batavia arrack, a pot distilled rum from Java Indonesia which ferments molasses with local red rice and ages the resulting distillate in open wood teak vats. This is combined with smooth Jamaican and aromatic Port Mourant distilled Guyanese rum. Notes of luscious toffee, funk, smoke, molasses and leather, with a rich and full body of exceptional depth and complexity.The origin of Swedish Punsch dates back to 1733 when sailors onboard the Swedish East India Company ship Rex Sueciae used Batavia Arrack to make a traditional rum punch. Upon the ship's arrival to Gothenburg, the seaboard recipe gained an enthusiastic following which continues to this day. Outside of Sweden the liqueur has a long legacy in numerous classic drinks including the Doctor Cocktail, the Havana, and the Waldorf, to name a few.

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