In the forests of medieval Europe, an epic battle was waged that continues to shape modern mixology: the struggle between man and bear. Mighty woodland warriors known as ?b?renj?gers,? or bear hunters, would leave their huts and take to the timber in search of glory. All these adventurers were valiant, but those who were also smart discovered a powerful potion to help them return to the village victorious. They lured their quarry with ?meschkinnes,? mead-like moonshine made from honey by beekeepers and farmers. Each had their own secret recipe. Based on these brews, a beverage breakthrough occurred in 15th century East Prussia. That's when the Teucke & K?nig Bear Trap Company introduced B?renj?ger, the first professionally produced meschkinnes. Today, the sophisticated set continues to enjoy the time-honored taste of this brand, as the German producer Schwarze & Schlichte carries on the tradition. B?renj?ger is still crafted in the immemorial manner, from natural ingredients - but with better honey that is especially aromatic. The alluring spirit's recipe was slightly altered in the 18th century and continues to serve as the original honey liqueur enjoyed around the world today. B?renj?ger can be enjoyed straight, over ice or mixed in delectable concoctions. It is also now available in three new delicious flavors - B?renj?ger Honey & Bourbon, B?renj?ger Honey & Tea and B?renj?ger Honey & Pear. Next time you are enjoying this unique premium liqueur we hope you will appreciate its rich ancestry. Please raise a glass to the medieval European bear hunter, pioneer of potation.Show moreDescription Barenjager is a Germany honey liqueur, made with a generous amount of premium honey and other pure natural ingredients only.

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