Willett Pot Still Reserve was originally introduced as a single barrel beginning in 2008. Around 2015, it was quietly changed over to a small batch bourbon. While Willett Distillery resumed distillation after a lengthy hiatus starting in 2012, Willett Pot Still Reserve continues to be sourced from undisclosed distillery(ies) in Kentucky. Willett has not disclosed if, or when, their own distillate will be incorporated into Willett Pot Still Reserve. NOSESummer fruits highlighted by ripe cherry and a pinch of citrus envelope a mingling of vanilla and dry oak. A faint hint of buttered popcorn lingers in the background, along with a dash of sweet honey. Light overall, but the combination of aromas brings enough complexity to keep it interesting, inviting you back for more. PALATEHoney and caramel combine to form a sweet note against a light punch of spice and zesty citrus. The bourbon manages to deliver just enough potency to captivate its audience, however it offers a relatively thin mouthfeel. FINISHA surge of rye spice crescendos initially, followed by a delicate sprinkling of cinnamon. Buttered popcorn emerges again, along with more traditional vanilla and caramel flavors. The finish lingers, leaving an agreeable spicy note that makes for an enjoyable end to the sip.uniqueness

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