New Columbia Distillers in Washington D.C. burst onto the scene in 2012? and in addition to their rather excellent Green Hat Gin, they've released a few seasonal selections along the way. The list includes their winter variation Ginavit and their warm weather variant? Green Hat Summer Gin. As Green Hat Summer Gin is a seasonal gin for spring and summer, I'm heavily assuming this is a gin built for the official drink of summer: the Gin and Tonic. If you're putting out a seasonal gin for summer, you've got to be able to handle lazy days in the yard -being combined all willy-nilly with lemonade, tonic, or whatever else might be sitting in the cooler.Tasting Notes Green Hat Gin was bright, floral, and contemporary styled. Naturally, you might be expecting that here as well. The nose of Green Hat Summer Gin immediately calls to mind a fresh field of flowers and cool homemade strawberry jam. It still has that citrusy, slight hint of spice nose that their main gin has as well. But overwhelmingly floral, but very nice. The taste starts out with a tinge of spice, leading with bright citrus. Lime and orange, but not entirely distinct. A bit of heat rises and that's when the floral notes start to hit you, rose and lavender, and unusually sweet. There's some juniper in the close, along with a peppery earthiness. Nice balance and a lot of distinct unique flavors.

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