Solera Gran Reserva Finest Selection (aged for over 15 years in a mixture of Amontillado, Oloroso and Pedro Xim?nez casks) and the Solera Gran Reserva 'Reserva Familiar 1977' (a limited edition 1977 vintage aged in Pedro Xim?nez casks). By law, Brandy de Jerez has to be matured in barrels that have been seasoned with sherry for at least three years. In the case of Finest Selection, this is around 15 years, but the barrels themselves are 40-50 years old, which means they're more than just quickly seasoned. Solera Gran Reserva - Finest Selection (40%, Lustau, Brandy de Jerez) Nose: this reminds me a lot of whisky matured in sherry casks (think Macallan, Glendronach, Glenfarclas...), only (a lot) sweeter. There's plenty of raisins and figs, milk chocolate, thick caramel and vanilla syrup. Molasses and sticky toffee pudding. Crushed almonds. In the background there are hints of exotic woods and soft spices (clove, cinnamon). Mouth: very sweet, you can really feel the Pedro Xim?nez here. Lots of dried fruits, mainly dates chocolate coated figs, sprinkled with caramel. Rum & raisins. Candy apple. After the initial wave of sweetness, which will be a little overpowering for some, it settles down on hazelnuts and spices (pepper, cinnamon) and just a hint of smoked wood. Long, dark and sweet finish.

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