The flavor of this vintage is dominated by two special blocks in our ten-acre vineyard, the Eloise (named after John's 99-year-old mother) and the Meadow, which is in a higher elevation north on the property. Eloise's block is very opulent and the Meadow is very flamboyant. In this wine you will find the sexy, opulence of Eloise coupled with the flamboyance of the Meadow. A wine that is incredibly rich yet never heavy. Good breeding in the vineyards with refinement in the cellar points to an indefinable something extra about this wine. It can be enjoyed young and is very long lived, a nice reward. This is a rich dinner wine with a grand future. Richly complex in aroma, sweet cherries, red currant jelly, dried fruits, violets, cedar, vanilla toffee, sweet pipe tobacco, baking spices and hints of laurel, dried roses coming forth in a stylish perfume. So how many bottles would make it onto your ultimate wine wish list? It is good to figure it out, just in case Bacchus were to show up and ask! Sandi Belcher - Winemaker

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