Cocchi Vermouth Amaro is base on an original recipe created by Giulio.Cocchi.As the name suggests, this amaro is base on Barolo Chinato wine, rather tha a neutral spirit base.It is flavoured with wormwood,rhubarb quassiawood, chiretta and double infusion of quina. Apperance: Clear, deep tawny-red with burbundy red glints. Aroma: Herbal red berry and red grapes with pine, fur cones, nettles and freshly peeled tree bark. Taste:Bittersweet,mulled wine-like. Underlying full bodied red wine with layers of cinnamon, nutmeg,peppery spice and bone dry quinine, all balanced by honoyed red berry fruit. Aftertaste:Long, dry finish with lingering bitter quinine red wine flavours and tannins.

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