Scapa Distillery was opened in 1885 and embarked on a century of production involving few changes of ownership. It was silent for two years from 1934 and was rebuilt in 1959. The distillery is situated on the mainland of Orkney in Scotland. It is the second most northerly distillery in Scotland, half a mile south of Highland Park distillery. The distillery is run by just three men and no it's not automated. It has one wash still, one spirit still and only produces single malt. Mothballed in 1994 and then reopened in 2004 by Pernod Ricard. The Glansa is a Scapa whisky that has been matured in American oak that previously held smoky peated whisky. A great introduction to peated whisky and of course to the hidden world of Scapa.Our Tasting Notes Nose: Tropical fruits of pineapple and guava, orchard fruits of peaches and pears. Bonfire smoke and creamy vanilla. Taste: Orchard fruits and creamy vanilla caramel toffees balanced with a soft peat smoke. Finish: Hangs around for a while, smokey and fruity.

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