This scotch is definitely for those of you who like age statements. Ardbeg has not had a core-range whisky with an age statement in two decades. The new Ardbeg Traigh Bhan is the first permanent age statement whisky which has been released by the distillery in 20 years. It is small batch and will come in annual releases. This review is for the first release in 2019. To mark each annual bottling, a unique code will appear on the label, allowing you to research the whisky's story online. My sample is not a full size bottle so I can't elaborate on that experience. The expression is named after Traigh Bhan, a beach on Ardbeg's home island of Islay. It's pronounced 'Tri-Van', which means ?white soft sands that sing beneath your feet?. I sampled this whisky on several occasions and found it to be a lovely fall companion. It was great for those fresh cool fall days when the leaves are falling. Perfect on a day sitting outdoors and enjoying a drink with friends. This whisky is quite balanced, with a complex aroma and mouth feel. Because it sits on your palate for a long time, one pour can carry your taste buds throughout the night. I'm a fan of Ardbeg and the annual releases are always fun to try. Some I appreciate more than others.

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