Rich warming spice with bright citrus. Use a quarter or half ounce to bring cozy warming spice to almost anything. Allspice grows all over Jamaica, where they also happen to make a whole lot of rum. They were bound to team up at some point. Cotton & Reed's DC-made take on the traditional islands liqueur reinforces allspice's warmth with molasses and a slew of complementary ingredients for a richer experience. A half ounce at a time, it'll enrich a wide variety of cocktails with a bit of sugar, a whole lot of spice, and nearly everything nice. You might also enjoy it as a soft amaro alternative. Tasting NotesA powerful punch of warming spice leads the way. Complementary baking spices flesh out allspice's warming pepperiness. Molasses sweetens, enriches, and lends a gingerbready quality. Dried lime's acidity brightens the otherwise dark and heavy liqueur, while gentian's earthy bitterness also balances its dessert-y tendencies.

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