The natural grain of aniseed and other aromatic plants are distilled in copper stills to obtain the essential oils, together with cane sugar, distilled water and top quality neutral alcohol that compose the anise.Later, the mix is lightly shaken, filtered and bottled. History:The history of Anis del Mono begins at the end of the 19th century and is full of anecdotes. The first of which is the origin of its name. Vicente Bosch, the creator, received a monkey as a business gift from America, after which he named the brand. The story that inspired the design of the bottle is more romantic. Bosch was looking for a gift for his wife and in the Place Vend?;me in Paris he found the perfect perfume, which was the inspiration for the diamond cut bottle. The label is also curious, making it a symbol of identity. The spelling error in ?distillation? is still maintained. Possibly the most significant point is the monkey's face: its features are based on Charles Darwin, a rival in the debate on the theory of evolution at that time.

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