Ratafia of Adorno with black cherries is one of the oldest and most idiosyncratic liqueurs coming from Piedmont. It was produced by the Cistercian order in monastaries until Giovanni Rapa took up the tradition in 1880 and began his own production of Ratafia. The Liquore di Ciliegie is the flagship of the brand and rightly so, only using the juice of black cherries, sugar and alcohol to best express this flavor profile. A dark crimson color, this liqueur brings forth flavors of black cherry, vanilla, marzipan, berry coulis and red licorice. It has enough acidity to round out the sweeter notes while having some savory notes. A nice complement to fruity desserts or poured over vanilla ice cream. The legendary piemontese specialty know as Ratafia (not to be confused with the one from Champagne) is finally available in the States. This regional favorite is has been credited with saving the region from the plague and uniting the bitter warring families of the area. Any spirit with that kind of magic, deserves a place at the table. Made from black cherries, the dark crimson color foreshadows the rich depth of flavor on the palate with notes that include marzipan, cherry pie, licorice, and tart fruit.

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