Barrell Seagrass from Barrell Craft Spirits is a blend of American and Canadian rye whiskeys that's been finished in Martinique Rhum, Malmsey Madeira, and Apricot Brandy casks. Barrell Seagrass is bottled at 118.4 proof (59.2% ABV) and carries a suggested retail price of $89.99 USD.(Tasted neat from a Glencairn Glass)Color StrawNose Lemon, pears, candle wax, lemon-lime jello, and rye spice.Palate Caramel, lemon-lime, cinnamon, rye spice, stone fruit, and the sweetness of canned fruit syrup.Finish Pleasantly long with lingering notes of mint, French burnt peanuts, cocoa, rye spice, and cinnamon.In closing Barrell Seagrass is sweet, spicy, and very complex. Everything from the nose through to the lengthy finish is nothing short of wonderful. A drop of water does help to tame this whiskey down a bit and really opens up the flavors. The rye spice isn't in your face, making this a rye whiskey I'd present to a ?non-rye whiskey drinker? or someone who's been hesitant to give anything rye a try. For around $90 Barrell Seagrass isn't the best deal in town, however, it's still an exceptional bottle for that price.

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