Since 1932 the Purkhart family has produced award winning eaux-de-vie, schnaps and liqueurs. Renowned for his exacting standards and consistent quality, Gunter Purkhart has taught distillation technique to many of today's leading producers. Capturing elegance of ripe fruit and authentic regional tastes is a family passion. Key to many classic cocktails, fruit liqueurs date back centuries as a way to preserve and concentrate the flavors of the annual harvest of tree fruits, stone fruits, berries and other varieties. The Rothman & Winter collection reflects three generations of producing liqueurs of exceptional character and authenticity. Each fruit liqueur starts with the fruit's own eau-de-vie and juice, for intensity of fruit flavor. We bottle at higher proof and with less sugar to reinforce that intensity and maximize the number of uses for each fruit liqueur. Drink any of these liqueurs with sparkling wine or soda, or use them in simple cocktails.

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