Brouwerij de Brabandere Bavik Super Pils 5.2% ABV Bavik Super Pils is a true Belgian Pilsner, crafted by Brewery De Brabandere in Bavikhove, Belgium. This pilsner is uncompromised, brewed as it was in 1894. What makes Bavik a Super Pils?.......100% MALT - No dilution assures the quality of the Pilsner. All ingredients are added during the brew process. 100% NOBLE BITTERNESS - By using only Aroma Hops there is a smooth bitterness with character leaving you with a soft and round aftertaste. 100% CRYSTAL CLEAR - 8 days of fermentation and 30 days of maturation guarantees a natural clarity and taste stability. 100% NATURAL FLAVOR - Due to strict hygienic conditions we can avoid all heat treatment and bring you an unpasteurized Belgian pilsner with a unique flavor.

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