The flavor is the result of a wise combination of various soils, barrels, apples that are grown on different terroirs. This special blend is aged 15 years in Limousin oak barrels. It boasts a beautiful color with glints of amber. It reveals smooth toastiness and candied fruit notes. Powerful, round and full-bodied with balanced tannins, fragrances of ripe and caramelized apples, it makes a great aperitif or digestif. Also a fine accompaniment to roast fowl or sole. Specifications Special IngredientsApple and pear. none. Still TypeContinuous distillation with a distilling column. Apple and pear cider goes in one end of the process and you collect the 70% (140 proof) distillate at the end. DistillateSourceApple cider + pear cider. Aging15 years FarmingSustainable

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