All Casoni distilled spirits and liqueurs are born from a passion for Italian tradition and from its constant focus on the latest consumer trends and market innovations. Casoni is a cocktail of experience and innovation, offering a full range of artisan liqueurs capable to satisfy the tastes of the most diverse and demanding customers. Tradition and deep expertise are the key factors in the success of Casoni liqueurs, factors that have contributed to the life of its countless successful liqueurs throughout its history. The creation of completely natural products resulting from infusions and distillations of local herbs and fruits has always been a top priority for the company. An added value for the end customer who can taste a genuine natural liqueur. 1814 - l'Aperitivo is an aperitivo marked by its bittersweet notes reflecting the renowned recipe of the Casoni family. It assures a vibrant, refreshing taste by interpreting the requirements of the most discerning of consumers. ORIGIN: Italy PRODUCTION METHOD: cold extraction with hydro-alcoholic solution INGREDIENTS: water, sugar, alcohol, alcoholic infusion of plant substances, natural flavourings (including quinine), sodium chloride AROMATIC NOTES: Contains great citrus notes

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