The origins of Istrian Malvasia in Friuli-Venezia Giulia date back to the Republic of Venice, precisely to the 13th century.We suppose, in fact, that this grape variety was typical of the Hellenic peninsula, in particular of a town in the Peloponnese still existing today and then called Monembasia or Monovaxia. The literal meaning of this word is ?port with a single entry?; the name then degenerated into Malfasia and was italianized in Malvasia. In the actual North-eastern Italy, at that time part of La Serenissima, the quantity of wine produced was not sufficient to satisfy the population's demand, mainly because the grape varieties were not particularly productive.The Venetians then entered the Peloponnesian region and started transporting Malvasia's vines, rather profitable in quantity, to Istria and Friuli, passing through Dalmatia. Our Malvasia's vineyards are located inside the DOC Collio area."

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