Meet the newest addition to the Black Infusions family. This all-natural, small-batch, premium spirit has only two ingredients: dried cherries and vodka. It's best enjoyed on the rocks or in easy and creative cocktails. We like to keep things simple. You'll know why when you taste it. Naturally infused with dried California cherries No artificial sugars, colors, or flavors Gluten-free TASTEBalance of sweet and tart with a touch of acidity AROMACreamy vanilla notes with hints of almond THE PROCESSDark Cherry begins as a gluten-free spirit base made from corn. We filter through charcoal and then again through lava rock. The lava rock is what holds the purity of the water and this step plays an integral role in achieving our signature smooth taste. Next, we add dried California cherries, step back, and let it sit. After four to six weeks of natural infusion, the liquid is only lightly filtered so it retains the natural flavor and hue of the fruit.

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