Bailoni's traditional liqueur production has been delighting liqueur connoisseurs and fans for over four generations. The unique speciality contains the unmistakable color and aroma of pressed apricot juice. At Bailoni, tradition and prestige are the trademarks. With a long and established tradition of distillery, the Wachau Apricot Distillery has been distilling and processing apricots at their headquarters in Krems-Stein since 1872. Made in Austria. In fast-moving times, Bailloni focuses on the traditional products of the region. Robust craft techniques of the highest quality, decades of experience in the business of distilling apricots and attention to quality standards have distinguished the Bailoni Distillery for more than four generations. But processing apricots is not the only thing they specialize in. With around 1,000 apricot trees in Wachau, the business is also one of the biggest producers in the region. Meaning the quality of products is second to none.

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