With an avg age of 30 yrs, this shows butterscotch, hazelnuts, chocolate, bananas, cherries and spice; an incredible depth to the finish. Family owned and operated this house had been selling their fruit to other Cognac houses, but since the 1970's has been producing and bottling for themselves. To put it briefly: A thing of beauty. Easily one of my favorite Cognac producers, you can take your pick of contemporary buzz words: artisanal, small production, estate-grown, terrior-driven, authentic, old school... etc. and this house embodies it. But honestly, who cares? All that matters to me is what's in the bottle and what's in this bottle is nothing short of extraordinary. A blend of Cognacs averaging out to about 30 years of age, comprised of 100% Uni Blanc and 100% Grand Champagne fruit, this offering is a little more subtle and elegant than its younger, more robust brother and is laced with secondary characteristics that present themselves a bit like a in a treasure hunt; I'm always stumbling upon something new and exciting with every sip.

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