All Churchill's ports are made from Grade-A grapes that are hand-picked, hand sorted, and foot trod in the ancient granite lagares (treading tanks) at Quinta da Gricha in the Douro Valley. We allow an extended period of fermentation in lagares to limit the amount of brandy required in fortification and leading to a drier style of port. TASTING NOTES Colour: Black inky colour to the rim.Nose: High tone aromas of fresh blueberries with a mineral undertone. Palate: Elegant intensity of herbs and spices on the palate, finishing with firm and well defined tannins and a vibrant natural acidity. WINEMAKING NOTES We picked our oldest vines on the 20th of September under perfect weather conditions. Grapes were crushed later in the day after cooling down in our cooling camera and fermented naturally for a period of 5 days, being pressed and fortified on the 25th of September. Like all other Churchill's Ports, this Vintage Port has been treaded by foot in traditional granite lagares (treading tanks). The young port spent its first winter in the Douro and then was transported in the early spring to our ageing lodges in Vila Nova de Gaia (Porto). Here it matured in seasoned oak vats for one year, at which point it was bottled and stored in our cellars.

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