On the label: [We might be (a little) biased but this is what independently bottled single casks are all about!] White wood smoke, granola, green olives in brine, toasted coconut, and ripe red berries might seem like awkward bedfellows they absolutely work here. What a wee cracker! Color: Olive oil Nose: A fragrant wood smoke frames ripe red berries at first sniff but the experience continues with notes of milk chocolate, granola, caramelized sugar (think about cracking the top of a creme brulee with your spoon ? so satisfying!) Palate: The wood smoke remains to the fore but is now joined by notes of dark chocolate, green olives in brine, and toasted coconut (a note we usually associate with a very well regarded Campbeltown distillery) Finish: Short to medium length with lingering wood smoke, as you might imagine, but with lingering red berries, milk chocolate, and sweet grain

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