Los Hermanos 1978 Tequila was born from William and Donta's love of the agave-based spirit. The name, Los Hermanos, translates to "the brothers" in English, and 1978 is the year we became brothers. As experienced tequila drinkers, we wanted to create a signature tequila taste that could express our brotherly love and passion for tequila to the world. Our journey led us from Baltimore, MD, to the small town of Tequila, Mexico, where we found one of the best Master Distillers. Distilled twice and aged for 8 months in White Oak Bourbon Barrels. This gives the normally clear tequila its amber color and depth of flavor. This tequila is remarkably smooth and perfect for sipping. Tasting Notes: Notes of oak, caramel, and vanilla with a smooth, rich finish.

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