A fabulous white wine from a star of the Amalfi Coast, the Marisa Cuomo 2020 Bianco Fiorduva is broad, rich and beautifully intense with passion fruit, tropical tones, citrus, banana and plenty of salinity and crushed oyster shell. Those fruit tones and the minerality are expertly layered one over the other, giving this wine an extraordinary sense of depth and precision. The 2020 vintage was hotter than average elsewhere in Italy, but the sea-facing terraces and high altitudes of these pergola vines that are shaded in the late afternoons on cooling limestone soils make this a magical spot for viticulture. The vineyards remain protected against severe temperatures. In terms of mouthfeel, this beautiful blend of 40% Ripoli, 30% Ginestra and 30% Fenile punches above its weight in terms of texture and complexity.

- Wine Advocate (95+)