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Local Summer Brews...

Summer beers need to be refreshing! While wheat beers are the summertime staple, we’ve got a cooler full of hot-weather styles to stock up on! Below are some of our favorites from around the region...

Kölsch is a delicately bitter, lightly hopped beer brewed under the German Purity Law of 1516 in Köln, Germany. Like AOC in wine, if it’s not brewed in Köln it can’t technically be called Kölsch — everything you’ll find made on our shores is “in the Kölsch style.” Goose Island’s Summertime is in the Kölsch style. Bare Bones Kolsch, Quayside Kolsch

Unfiltered yeast beers ("hefe" means "yeast" in German) are made by replacing some of the malted barley in a beer with wheat. Krystal weizen is filtered and clear, Weizen “mit hefe” has yeast sediment at the bottom of the bottle that should be agitated before drinking.   Groove City Hefeweizen

In the same family as Berliner Weisse, Gose is a somewhat forgotten style now making a comeback. Low in alcohol, Gose’s characteristic flavors are coriander and salt — yes, salt — that means it’s only allowed in Germany outside of the brewing laws as a regional specialty. Old Pro Gose

Saison is a traditional summer beer from Wallonia, Belgium, originally brewed for farm workers. Now, of course, they’re made internationally, and often bottle-conditioned and sealed with a champagne cork. Often a fruity (orange, lemon) flavor with some spice notes (sometimes from actual spices added). Peppercorn Saison

Named after the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, where it was first produced, Pilsner (whether Bohemian, German or American) is crisp and light, malty and floral. Pilsner Urquell was the first Pilsner, and is still produced today. Downright Pilsner, Skipjack Pilsner

Made from fermented apples it’s not technically beer, but then it’s not wine, either. Cider’s reputation has suffered in this country — somehow getting a reputation as a sweet, alcoholic alternative for beer. This is changing, as some very traditional ciders are being brought in from Spain and France and even made locally. The best examples are dry and fragrant, and are no more oppressively “appley” than a refreshing glass of white wine is “grapey.” Capitol Cider House - GoldRush, Capitol Cider House - Pink Lady, Troddenvale - Petite Cider, Troddenvale - Kieffer Country Wine

Astro Lab Brewing - PiPA No. 2, 4pk can
16oz | SKU 83771  A session IPA that can be enjoyed all day!
Capitol Cider House - Pommeau - Pink Lady
500ml | SKU 80303  Sweet lemon, peach and vanilla tasting notes.
Capitol Cider House - Pommeau - GoldRush
500ml | SKU 80302  Sweet, but not cloyingly so. Honey, banana and butterscotch tasting notes.
Troddenvale - Petite Cider
750ml | SKU 82773  100% Virginia Hewes Crab, one of Virginia's and America's oldest, true cider apples.
Troddenvale - Kieffer Country Wine
750ml | SKU 82774  80% Kieffer Pear, 20% Dolgo Crab foraged from Bath and Highland counties.