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Wine Consultants

Phil Bernstein
Phil has been with MacArthur Beverages since 2006. He recently became the general manager after Mark retired in April 2018. He is in charge of the buying for Rhone, Loire, Languedoc/Roussillon, Germany, Austria, Spain and South America. Over the years, Phil has had the opportunity to travel to most of these countries and regions to meet many of the greatest producers on their "home turf". Phil is very passionate about customer service and loves to chat about wine (especially Riesling!). He also loves to chat about music, having been a professional trumpet player in his pre wine days!

Joe Kluchinsky
Joe has been with MacArthur’s since 1983 and during those years there is not a wine-producing region on this planet that Joe is not well versed in. His ‘wine heart’, however, lies in Bourgogne and it is there where he searches out the best producers, which is not an easy task. Burgundian growers and producers are notoriously very private and a certain level of trust must be established in order to become a part of their community. Joe is well ensconced in Bourgogne and doors to caves are opened to him up and down the Cote d’Or. Because of Joe’s keen interest, MacArthur’s is able to bring you wines not to be easily found here in the US.

Andy Creemer
Andy has been with MacArthur’s since 2000 and has an extensive background in hotels and fine dining. Andy now heads up our Australian, Champagne and Domestic wine departments and organizes our annual California Barrel tasting and Wine dinner in March, which he has been involved in since he was at the Watergate hotel in 1998. If you have any questions on wine parings with food, special events or any other questions please contact him by phone or email him at

Tim Adams
Tim is in charge of buying Italian and South African wines. He brings 20 years of experience in the wine and beer industry (wholesale and retail). In addition, Tim has an extensive culinary background with a CIA degree having worked in New York and Washington DC. After working 8 years with Tom Hanna (our retired Italian wine expert and guru), Tim is proud to carry the torch in maintaining an outstanding Italian wine inventory. In keeping with the resurgence of demand in the liquor business, Tim has also taken a special interest in becoming the resident consultant for Scotch, American Whiskey and other special liquor requests.

Mark Wessels
Mark's wine interests over the past 20 + years have taken him to various parts of the country before landing in DC. His wine knowledge is astounding and wine lovers across the country seek him out for his advice and insight into past, present and futures vintages. Mark is MacArthur's manager and over the years his relationships with French wine producers have developed into sincere friendships and MacArthur's wine clients have only to benefit from his expertise. Although he enjoys wines from around the globe, his wine heart lies in France, particularly Bordeaux.

John Fitter
After a 17 year career growing grapes and making wine, John moved to the retail side of the business in 2008, managing a pair of wine shops in northern VA. He joined MacArthur in 2010 as the buyer for our Australian/New Zealand, Alsatian and Greek departments, and has a particular affinity for what Hugh Johnson once termed the "oddball backwaters" of the wine world. He can be reached with any requests at