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In-Store Tasting:
Our Sablet Discovery:
The wines of Domaine des Pasquiers with Caroline Mazard Grandjean

Saturday, October 14th 1-4p.m.

Come see why these wines have become the most popular reds at Bassins!


Chances are if you've been by the store in the last few years you've walked out with a bottle (or case!) of Pasquiers.  This Domaine was "discovered" by our Rhone guy Phil Bernstein back in 2015 and the wines we're pouring Saturday will be our third container load with them.  We started out with just two wines and now they've become so popular we've gone to six!  Located in the beautiful Hamlet of Sablet in the Southern Rhone, this family run Domaine produces honest (certified organic)  wines with beautiful, pure fruit and best of all amazing value.  Every time we taste them comments flow such as: "really this is only fifteen bucks-are you kidding me?".  Or just plain "wow"!  We're very happy that Caroline, export manager for the winery has flown all the way from Sablet to come pour these special wines on Saturday.


Phil and the brothers Lambert
with our load ready to go!
Phil, Caroline and the Lambert brothers in Plan de Dieu

Caroline will pour the following:

72348 2016 Domaine des Pasquiers  Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet Rose 14.99

72346 2015 Domaine des Pasquiers Cotes du Rhone 11.99

69721 2015 Domaine des Pasquiers  Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet 14.99

69720 2015 Domaine des Pasquiers  Cotes du Rhone Villages Plan de Dieu 14.99

72347 2013 Domaine des Pasquiers  Cotes du Rhone Villages Sablet Prestige Cuvee Prebayon 16.99

69722 2015 Domaine des Pasquiers  Gigondas 24.99





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