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Meet and Greet & In-Store Tasting:
Daniele Cernilli: "Doctor Wine"

Saturday, February 24th, 1-4pm


MacArthur's Welcomes Daniele Cernilli aka "Doctor Wine" to the store along with seven highly regarded Italian producers.  A great opportunity to meet Daniele learn about his publications and also taste wines from a select group of  top wine producers.  Well recognized Internationaly in wine circles we are excited to have him in the store as a guest.


Daniele Cernilli is the Editor-in-Chief of and of the Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine. A journalist who, after taking a Master's Degree in Philosophy and teaching it along with history and literature, decided to make his love for great food and wine his profession. Daniele is a regular contributor to Italian newspapers, trade and consumer publications and has written a number of technical books on wine and wine tasting. He currently has a column on wine published in Corriere della Sera's weekly Sette and is managing editor at the magazine Spirito di Vino.  His most recent book will be available and can be signed while Daniele is in the store for those interested 1-4 Saturday.


In 1986, he co-founded Gambero Rosso magazine that (together with Slow Food) began to annually publish an Italian Wine Guide, which he oversaw for more than 24 editions. He later became the magazine's editor-in-chief as well as a television celebrity and general manager of Gambero Rosso's 24 hour-a-day TV channel. He  continues to promote Italian wines interviewed frequently in the Italian media as an expert on wine and teaches professional courses at the Città del Gusto (Taste City) as well as wine tasting and sensory analysis for the Italian Sommeliers' Association (AIS). He has won several prizes for his contribution to wine culture, including the Targa d'Oro (Gold Plague) from the Italian Association of Wine Technicians, and Decanter Magazine has included him among its "50 Most Influential People in the Wine World".



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