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Meet, Greet, and Taste:
Giampolo Venica
of Venica & Venica Winery In Friuli, Italy

Friday, May 18th, 4:00-7pm

"The consistent quality and intensity of his wines truly make him a Rock Star of the wine world don't miss the chance to taste some of these fabulous offerings."


2016 Venica Collio Pinot Grigio Jesera

natural copper-colored extracted with maceration on skins the signature of this wine, its richness reminiscent of pear Williams, banana, and Acacia flowers wrapped in a slight scent of fresh apricot. Intriguing taste with pleasant flavors of pear syrup and quince peels. Good acid/alcohol balance with a long fruity finish.


Sale $18.99   |   SKU 72315

2016 Venica Malvasia

It has a very complex bouquet with an aroma profile reminiscent of fresh fruity aromas and floral aromas as well as spicy ones such as dry white flowers, fruit cocktail, sage and orange peel. It has a good flavor persistence with jammy flavors and poppy seed and balanced acidity.


Sale $26.99   |   SKU 72763

2016 Venica Friulano Collio Ronco delle Cime

Typical aromas reminiscent of fresh almonds, walnuts, candy and clovers. The taste has a velvet soft texture due to its inherent low acidity with flavors that reminds quince, curry and bitter almonds.


Sale $30.99   |   SKU 72316

2016 Venica Sauvignon Ronco di Cero

typical fruity and floral aromas. Among the fruity aromas we can experience the elixir of goose berries passion fruit and white grapefruit, all wrapped in harmony with honey suckle, jasmine and fresh spicy aromas of boxwood, sage, anisette, sambuca. The vineyards/characters blends makes the wines complete and complex also under the mouth feel aspect.


Sale $20.99   |   SKU 72313

2016 Venica Sauvignon Ronco di Mele

Light gold with green highlights, explosive nose with elder flowers and hints of sage and mint, white peach and gooseberry. Dry, very balanced, ripe fruit with citrus notes, long finale.


Sale $43.99   |   SKU 72314



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