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Just arrived from Sancerre:
2017 Foucher-Lebrun Sancerre Le Mont Rose

The ultimate thirst quenching Rose!



Everyone loves Foucher Sancerre… wait until you try their Rose!

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2017 Foucher-Lebrun Sancerre Le Mont Rose

We've just received a small parcel of this awesome 100% Pinot Noir Rose from Sancerre.  Many of you already know the story of Foucher-Our General Manager, Phil "found" this Domaine on a buying trip a few years ago in the Loire Valley and we've been importing their Sancerre Blanc now for a few years.  It is by far one of the best-selling whites in the whole store and a customer favorite.  Having noticed the increased popularity of Sancerre Rose, we decided to ask the Domaine if they made a Rose.  The answer was an emphatic "yes" so we decided to give it a shot.  The wine arrived in our warehouse last week, and the whole staff tried it yesterday.  We think it's by far one of the best 2017 Roses we've tried this year. 


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