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In-Store Tasting:
Old Town Cellars
with Serghei Gulceac

Thursday, September 13th 5:00 - 7:30 pm

Our friend Serghei is back in the store this Thursday evening with an selection of wines from his Turkish producer, Kayra.

Kayra Narince Anatolia 2016

Kayra Narince is grown in the gravelly and stoney soils of the Tokat Region, cool evenings give a mineral focus and linear acidity to a fresh fruity wine with aromas of Asian pear, quince, chamomile and grapefruit that pair with all sorts of fresh seafood and spicy dishes. - Winery notes


Sale $17.99   |   SKU 73293


Kayra Beyaz Kalecik Karasi Rose Aegean 2017

This pale pink version (blanc de noir) of the indigenous Kalecik Karasi is the free run of the first pressing of the first harvested grapes of the season in the Denizli region. We are delighted to show intense citrus and citrus flower with a touch of fresh ginger aromas and flavors from these red wine grapes, a revelation in wine making. - Winery notes


Sale $18.99   |   SKU 75396



Kayra Buzbag Reserv Okuzgozu-Bogazkere Anatolia 2013

The Anatolian soil lends its strength to the roots of the Bogazkere wine and provides the fruity character of Okuzgozu. Buzbag Reserv combines the unique balance of these two grapes, filling your wineglass with the exuberance of a tradition thousands years old from the land where wine was first produced. Toasty cherry, prune and cedar aromas, cherry and red forest fruits on the palate with ripe tannins. - Winery notes



Sale $21.99   |   SKU 73295



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