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In-Store Tasting:
Hellbender Brewing Company

Friday, January 11th 5-7pm

Please join us for another in-store beer tasting!


Hellbender Brewing Company's very own Brewer LT and his wife Tracy will be here with us to pour what we carry from their portfolio of brews. Our beer selection is ever growing, and we are proud to support fellow local businesses. Hellbender is located in North East DC.

-Daniel Solis


The lineup for this tasting:


1 kolschHellbender Brewing - Bare Bones Kolsch style Ale

Bare Bones is a traditional German-style Kolsch ale, light and crisp with just an hint of hop character for a clean, refreshing sip every time.


ABV 4.7% | IBU 20 | Scores: 3.77/5 BeerAdvocate, 3.44/5 Untappd, 3.21/5 RateBeer


Sale $10.49  6pk cans |   SKU 77164



2 american red aleHellbender Brewing - Red Line American red Ale

Hop-forward red ale brewed with Chinook, Mosaic and TNT hops. Honey and toffee flavors from the malts perfectly balance citrus, apricot and tropical fruit flavors of the hops.


ABV 6.0% | IBU 35 | Scores 3.56/5 BeerAdvocate 3.54/5 Untappd 3.05/5 RateBeer


Sale $10.49  6pk cans |   SKU 77162



3 ignite ipaHellbender Brewing - Ignite IPA

Orange-hued IPA with strong, earthy resin and bright citrus notes from Citra, Nugget, Centennial, Columbus, & Ekuanot hops; finishes citrusy and dry.


ABV 6.5% | IBU 62 | Scores:  3.70/5 BeerAdvocate 3.58/5 Untappd 3.35/5 RateBeer


Sale $10.49  6pk cans |   SKU 77163


3 ignite ipaHellbender Brewing – Double Chazzwazzer DIPA

Aggressive use of Australian Galaxy & Citra hops creates an explosion of pineapple, passion fruit and citrus in the glass. Vibrant, golden color and full body round out this Aussie-inspired beauty.


ABV 8.5% | IBU 75 | Scores: 4.5/5 BeerAdvocate 3.86/5 Untappd 3.26/5 RateBeer




Sale $8.99  6pk cans |   SKU 77468





The Hellbender salamander. Cryptobranchus Alleganiensis. Mud Puppy. Devil Dog. Grampus. Mud Devil. Allegheny Alligator. No matter what you call it, the 2-foot salamander with a face only a mother could love has spawned two millennia's worth of fire-eating legends and folklore from here to Japan. It's the definition of badass. Here in the present day the Hellbender is an endangered species that inspired our search for a better way to brew beer.


More on:

The success of our Meura mash filter can be summed up in one word: efficiency.


The mash filter improves over the traditional brewing system by making more efficient use of the grain that is the basis of modern-day beer. A normal brew system will extract 70%-80% of the starches from the grain. The mash filter will extract 98%, thereby needing on average 15% less grain, 20% less energy and 30% less water to make the same amount of beer!


The mash filter makes this huge improvement possible because it allows a brewery to grind the grain down to a course flour compared to simply cracking it into a few pieces, as has been standard for centuries. Normally, brewing with flour would result in a 2,000lb ball of dough. Instead, we add enough water to create a thin slurry and to prevent the flour from clumping. The resulting 10 fold increase in surface area contact between the hot water and grain allows the water near complete access to extract all but a tiny bit of the available barley goodness. We then use the mash filter to separate the grain from the wort, AKA, the life-giving, grain-flavored liquid that will soon become beer.


Here's a step-by-step recap of our daily labor of love:






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