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In-Store Tasting:
Capitol Cider House

Friday, October 11th 5-7pm


Please join us for another in-store tasting!


Please join us this Friday evening for an American Pommeau tasting locally produced and sourced, with Capitol Cider House's founder Jared Fackrell. We are happy to support another local small business that produces an American Pommeau that is Gluten Free, Unfiltered, and with no added sulfites. We hope you can come see us!


"Cider is the original American beverage of choice, but it fell out of favor during Prohibition. We're joining the national movement to reclaim cider for the States, and what better place to make our mark on Americana culture than in good ole Washington, DC?


At Capitol Cider House, we do cider right. No added chemicals or preservatives. Only showcasing producers within 200 miles of the Capitol building. Always gluten free. Not too sweet. More like a fine wine than a popsicle.


All our goods are sourced from within 200 miles of the US Capitol Building. We have a few of our own concoctions and many ciders from Mid-Atlantic producers that are otherwise hard to find in DC. Our menu is always changing, but we're always keeping it local.


Our home grown ciders start in local orchards. We choose cider apples known for complex flavors. Every production run is different. We grab what's growing well and will taste great in your cup!

Next, we grind our apples into small bits in a process called milling. Then we're ready to press! One bushel yields about 2.5 gallons of delicious juice.


We add yeast and other natural ingredients, like honey or fruit juice, to our fresh apple juice. Then it's time to sit back and let nature take her course. The yeast gets to work, turning those natural sugars into alcohol and CO2.


Once the cider is ready, we package it up in bottles and kegs. It's ready to enjoy now, or we can wait a few months to develop more flavor."



Capitol Cider House – American Pommeau – GoldRush

Notes of honey, banana, and butterscotch. ABV 15%



Sale $28.99   500ml bottle |   SKU 80302


Capitol Cider House - American Pommeau - Pink Lady

Sweet lemon, peach, and vanilla palate. ABV 15%



Sale $28.99   500ml bottle |   SKU 80303


Capital Cider House - American Pommeau - Virginia Gold

Tasty dulce de leche, nutmeg, and citrus profile. ABV 15%



Sale $28.99   500ml bottle |   SKU 80304










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