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Summer Tasting Series

We have a great line-up of FREE In-Store tastings this Summer!

We are happy to introduce the Local Producers Summer Tasting Series (LPSTS), where we highlight some DMV home-grown products poured by the people who help make the stuff. The local beer and spirits scene is hip and happening. Come on out and try some of the hidden gems that display the unique qualities of locally-sourced ingredients and small startup initiative and imagination, before they get too big and so successful that you will be forced to shun them.


Summer Tasting Series:
Virginia Distillery Company 

Thursday, June 27th 5-8:00pm


This week we welcome the Virginia Distillery Company, an American Single Malt Whisky distillery located amongst the Blue Ridge Mountains in Central Virginia. Their whiskies showcase both Old World and New World whisky making. Virginia Distillery Company marries single malt whisky made on-site in Virginia with aged malt whisky from Scotland. A focus on cask finishing adds depth and complexity, making these whiskies among the most unique in the marketplace. Join us, won't you?




78731 Virginia Highland Malt Whisky Cider Finish 49.99
78732 Virginia Highland Malt Whisky Chardonnay Cask 49.99
78733 Virginia Highland Malt Whisky Brewer's Batch 49.99
64452 Virginia Highland Malt Whisky Port Finish 39.99




Summer Tasting Series:
MISCellaneaous Distillery 

Saturday, June 29th 1-4:00pm


This weekend we welcome back award-winning MISCellaneous Distillery from Mt. Airy, MD. Using Maryland grains and restored water-powered mills, they have a strong lineup of spirits that are gaining national attention




79152 Gregarious Gin 41.99
79147 Risky Rum 32.99
79148 Dew Point Rum 38.99
79151 Brill's Batch Bourbon 54.99
79150 Gertrude's 100% Rye 62.99
79149 Popi's Finest Rum 59.99


Summer Tasting Series:
McClintock Distilling Co.

Saturday, July 13th 1-4:00pm


Mid-summer sipping with McClintock Distilling. They use all organic grains to produce spirits which are milled in-house using an antique stone burr mill. By buying organic, they can ensure the highest quality of grains, and this attention to quality ingredients produces excellent gin, cordials and whiskey that are sure to please the most discerning palettes. We are excited to have them in-house.




79211 McClintock Blood Orange Sapphire Liqueur 18.99
78882 McClintock Forager Gin 31.99
79210 McClintock Gardener's Gin 33.99





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