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2017 Foucher-Lebrun - Sancerre Le Mont
750ml | SKU 75875
120 Available
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Three years ago, I travelled to the Loire valley to attend the Salon des Vins de Loire.  One of my main goals was to find a Sancerre Blanc to bring in direct.  Like every other fine wine merchant, we sell "tons" of Sancerre and with our direct import permit we'd always thought that we could find our own wine to bring in, and sell at a nice price as we are obviously cutting out the middle man.


As it turns out this is not so easy!  With Sancerre being hugely popular worldwide, we didn't have much luck finding anyone to send us samples.  So it was time to hop on a plane and fly across the pond to see what I could find.


I basically spent an entire day at the Salon tasting through Sancerre samples.  Yes, I lived to tell about it!  While many wines were very good, there were of course quite a few astringent dogs, and tasting 300 + Sauvingon Blancs is no easy feat.  However I was very fortunate to meet Jean Mounard about half way through.  A veteran of the wine business, Jean was brought on a few years ago by Maison Foucher to improve the quality of their wines and help their export business.  I breathed a sigh of relief when I tasted through his lineup and I checked off all the boxes:


1. High quality wine 
2. Not already in DC
3. Nice price


I knew I had found a winner!  Jean and I tasted and chatted for quite a bit and he even pulled out a nice snack from one of the famous Sancerre towns where this wine comes from.  By far the best Chevre I've ever tasted!


Well, the rest is history.  We ordered 50 cases, and the wine has finally arrived.  The wine was even better than I remembered.  Fresh and vibrant with nice floral aromatics (no catty aromas thank you!) and crisp acidity.  Very easy to drink and perfect for warm weather.  An absolute great deal at $20.  Vinified in stainless steel and from Chalk and Limestone soils mostly in the great village of Chavignol (not far from the famed Mont Damnes) we can't be happier with this beauty.  I tasted the new vintage in France earlier this year and found it to be just as good if not better.  This is one to buy by the case!


Phil Bernstein
MacArthur Beverages

Staff Notes

Just arrived!  This is the new vintage of one of the most popular wines in the whole shop.  A bassins direct import we cut out the "middle man" and this drinks as well as any Sancerre that sells for $10 more!

Phil Bernstein
Sauvignon Blanc
Barcode: 3541510101865