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Etter Zuger Kirsch (Cherry) Eau de vie 700ml

700ml | SKU 97653 | 12 Available

G. E. Massenez Williams (Pear in bottle) Eau de vie 750ml

750ml | SKU 49610 | Available

W.E. 98 pts - Juicy and mouthwatering with lots of bold fruit on the palate plus a subtle flick of vanilla, this Williams pear brandy would make a lovely desert accompaniment or after-dinner sip. Gift worthy presentation includes a pear-shape bottle with ...


G. E. Massenez Poire Williams Brandy Eau de vie 750ml

750ml | SKU 84889 | Available

One of the most delicious and fragrant brandies made from Alsace's abundant supply of fruit is that of the Williams Pear, Eau-de-vie de poire Williams. It is made by fermenting crushed ripe fruit for up to six weeks, and then distilling it to a relatively...


G. E. Massenez Framboise (Raspberry) Brandy Eau de vie 750ml

750ml | SKU 84991 | Available

Massenez Framboise Sauvage or wild raspberry is a style of eau-de-vie that uses raspberries as the base distillate. They say it's noteworthy for its "delicacy" and "mirrors the fragility of the raspberry." Fruit eau-de-vie is generally a drier taste but w...


G. E. Massenez Mirabelle (Plum) Brandy Eau de vie 750ml

750ml | SKU 84993 | Available

An excellent traditional fruit brandy. This brandy is the result of assembling the choicest selection of plums and aging the result in oak barrels. The fruits used to produce Massenez Miraelle Plum brandy are round fleshy plums from the orchards of Alsace...


G. E. Massenez Kirschwasser (Cherry) Brandy Eau de vie 750ml

750ml | SKU 84996 | Available

Clear and colorless, may acquire yellow green highlights as it ages. A supple, fluid Eau-de-Vie. Aromatic, clean, typical Kirsch cherry notes. The intense nose with its distinct almond note is an indication of the choice selection of fruit and delicate di...


NV Hubert 1924 Kajsija Rakija (Apricot Brandy) Fruit Brandy 1L

1L | SKU 78050 | 10 Available

NV Hubert 1924 Dunja Rakija (Quince Brandy) Fruit Brandy 1L

1L | SKU 78052 | Available

Hubert 1924 Pear (Viljamovka) Fruit Brandy 1L

1L | SKU 92171 | 13 Available
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