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NV Blandy's - Madeira Malmsey 10 Year Old

500ml | SKU 54863 | Available

NV Blandy's - Madeira Verdelho 5 yr

750ml | SKU 60316 | Available

NV Blandy's - Madeira Sercial 10 Year Old

500ml | SKU 79059 | Available

Blandy's - Madeira Bual 1920 Vintage

750ml | SKU 90872 | Available
97 WA

The centenary bottling of Blandy's 1920 Bual is showing superbly, unwinding in the glass with aromas of dried figs, walnuts, caramelized citrus rind, bitter honey, warm spices and nori. Full-bodied, deep and immensely concentrated, this is a searingly int...


NV Blandy's - Madeira Malmsey 20 Year Old

500ml | SKU 90876 | Available

NV Blandy's - Madeira Verdelho 10 yr

500ml | SKU 79060 | Available

NV Broadbent - Madeira Malmsey 10 yr

750ml | SKU 58614 | 18 Available

NV Broadbent - Madeira Sercial 10 yr

750ml | SKU 69801 | 12 Available

NV Broadbent - Madeira Verdelho 10 yr

750ml | SKU 69802 | Available

NV Broadbent - Madeira Boal 10 yr

750ml | SKU 69800 | 21 Available

2001 Chateau de Sau Rivesaltes Rancio

500ml | SKU 94408 | Available

Grapes for both the Rivesaltes and Rancio sec are Grenache gris, harvested by hand from a small 1.9-hectare vineyard of 70-year old goblet vines. Following fermentation and a week-long maceration, elevage is undertaken in a former horse stable situated behind the chateau, a truly special place for the rearing of oxidative wines. The wines are kept in used 225-liter Bordelais fûts, stacked twos and threes, and year-by-year they concentrate and develop the rich texture and notable rancio character that is a hallmark of their elevage.


1945 Chateau Villargeil Rivesaltes b. 2018

750ml | SKU 96337 | Available

Located in small village of Sainte Colombe de la Commanderie, on the terroir of Aspres, at the foothills of Mont Canigou, the last peak in the Pyrenees before the Mediterranean sea. Aspres means arid or dry in Cataln, depicting the chalky clay and schist soil of the region, which is the best terroir for vins doux naturels made of Grenache noir, Maccabeo and Grenache gris. Georges Mossé (1884 – 1964), the father of the current owner, decided to not sell the entire harvest each year but instead preserve some great vintages in oak after WWI. That’s why we are fortunate to have these exceptional wines in barrels.

-Importer notes (Martine's)

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