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Bhakta 50 yr Barrel # 17 Islay Whisky Finish Armagnac Brandy 750ml

750ml | SKU 91916 | Available

BHAKTA 50 is a deeply aged blend of 8 rare Armagnac vintages, dated between 1868-1970 and finished in Islay whisky casks. The youngest spirit in the bottle is 50 years old, and the oldest reaches 152 years. It’s older than any whiskey on the market today; there’s simply nothing like BHAKTA 50 in the spirits industry.  

Given BHAKTA’s rarity and exquisite taste, stocks are incredibly limited. There are only 38 barrels of this line in existence. 


Blandy's - Madeira Bual 1920 Vintage

750ml | SKU 90872 | Available
97 WA

The centenary bottling of Blandy's 1920 Bual is showing superbly, unwinding in the glass with aromas of dried figs, walnuts, caramelized citrus rind, bitter honey, warm spices and nori. Full-bodied, deep and immensely concentrated, this is a searingly int...


1945 Chateau Villargeil Rivesaltes b. 2018

750ml | SKU 96337 | Available

Located in small village of Sainte Colombe de la Commanderie, on the terroir of Aspres, at the foothills of Mont Canigou, the last peak in the Pyrenees before the Mediterranean sea. Aspres means arid or dry in Cataln, depicting the chalky clay and schist soil of the region, which is the best terroir for vins doux naturels made of Grenache noir, Maccabeo and Grenache gris. Georges Mossé (1884 – 1964), the father of the current owner, decided to not sell the entire harvest each year but instead preserve some great vintages in oak after WWI. That’s why we are fortunate to have these exceptional wines in barrels.

-Importer notes (Martine's)


1963 Christian Drouin Les Millesimes 1963 (44 yr b. 2007) Calvados Brandy 700ml

700ml | SKU 96916 | Available

1948 Christian Drouin Vintage 1948 (71 yr b. 2019) Calvados Brandy 700ml

700ml | SKU 96917 | Available

1953 Domaine La Sobilane Rivesaltes b.2017

750ml | SKU 96339 | Available

1955 Domaine La Sobilane Rivesaltes b.2018

750ml | SKU 96340 | Available

Domaine la Sobilane is located near Perpignan, in the Eastern Pyrenees region between the villages of Canet and Saint-Nazaire in the heart of the Roussillon. La Sobilane's oldest vintages date from the end of the Second World War, and the property now belongs to Mauricette Daniel.

-Importer notes (Martine's)


Francis Darroze 30 yr Les Grands Assemblages Bas - Armagnac 750ml

750ml | SKU 88539 | Available

Maturity begins at 30. The fresh fruit is transformed into dried and candied fruit, the spicy character asserts itself, the first aromas of « rancio » appear and the alcohol is perfectly mellow. The fiery youth softens and relents. This Grand ...


Francis Darroze 1966 Chateau de Gaube Bas - Armagnac 750ml

750ml | SKU 59521 | Available

This Darroze bottling is devastatingly good, what old traditional Armagnac was meant to taste like. Unabashedly manly and earthy, with floral notes like a boutonni?re on a lapel and aromas of swirling cigar smoke. In the mouth, it's surprisingly fresh and fruity, balanced by dark coffee and fresh tobacco. Serious rancio on the midpalate, that continues on and on and on. Seamless and classic. 100% Baco grapes


Francis Darroze 1962 Chateau de Gaube Bas - Armagnac 750ml

750ml | SKU 59522 | Available

100% Baco grapes


Francis Darroze 1964 Chateau de Gaube 54yr Bas - Armagnac 750ml

750ml | SKU 63000 | Available

In the Armagnac region, when one decides to sell a product in its original vintage, the law requires a minimum of 10 years ageing in oak barrels. The desired balance between flavours, tannins and alcohol is actually reached after 15 years. We bottle only...


Francis Darroze 1975 Domaine de la Poste 48 yr Armagnac 750ml

750ml | SKU 96265 | Available

100% Ugni Blanc grapes

'Much of the distillation at Domaine de Laposte in Tenareze was carried out in the 70s, which is why we offer several vintages from that period; all different, but all retaining that special character, due to both the terroir and the Faget family know-how.'


Hardy Noces de Diamant 60 yr Cognac 750ml

750ml | SKU 96020 | Available

Cristallerie de Vosges crystal decanter. Brilliant copper in color, with a fresh, bright nose of flowers, clover honey and tobacco, as well as earthier forest notes. In the mouth, it's rich and spicy, full of nougat and chocolate, leading to a nectar-like finish of peach and pineapple. Surprisingly vibrant for its age.  92 pts  Vinous.com


Hardy Noces de Perle 30 yr Cognac 750ml

750ml | SKU 96021 | Available

Frosted Art Deco decanter. This cognac carries no age statement but is blended solely from barrels that are 30 years old (“no more, no less”) — very unusual in Cognac. Pure grande champagne eau de vie, from here on out. Feminine and delicate at first, the Cognac presents increasing notes of vanilla and butterscotch as it develops. Floral elements emerge on the finish, making for a very pretty and engaging spirit. A   Drinkhacker.com


Hardy Noces d'Or 50 yr Cognac 750ml

750ml | SKU 89544 | Available

This award winning eaux-de-vie is made from forty different 100% Grande Champagne Cognacs aged a minimum of 50 years. A floral cognac with notes of budding lilac. Its nose is well balanced and surprisingly pure. A lively alcohol onset gives freshness to i...


NV Kopke - Tawny 30 Year Old

750ml | SKU 96111 | Available
93 WA

"...harmonious, concentrated and unctuous. A superb and enduring finish..."


NV Kopke - White Port 50 Year Old HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 96113 | Available
96 WE

"The wine's concentration is amazing,..."  


NV Kopke - Tawny 50 Year Old

750ml | SKU 96114 | Available
98 WA

 "...I thought the 50 Year white was fabulous..."