Fino: The driest of the styles and the classic aperitif! Fino is delicate, lemon yellow and often comes with a tang of yeast. This type of Sherry is extremely food-friendly and goes wonderfully with tapas, grilled white fish, creamy cheeses, salted almonds, olives, anchovies, cured ham, and paella

Manzanilla: A close cousin of Fino, Manzanilla is produced in roughly the same manner, with one exception: It must be matured in the seaside city of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. This proximity to the ocean and its saltwater winds often gives it coastal qualities, including higher salinity and a lighter body. They are delicious with seafood, richer dishes like crab, and cured meats. With oysters… Fino and Manzanilla Sherry vie with Champagne as the greatest pairing on earth!

Amontillado: Another excellent aperitif! Amontillados begin life as a Fino, but the winemaker allows the flor to die, thus exposing the wine to the air. Amontillados are amber in color and have a nutty, dry to medium-dry character. They have more body than Finos and are versatile food wines, pairing comfortably with prawns, seafood soup, roast chicken, or a cheese plate.  

Oloroso: A good Oloroso should be mahogany brown, nutty, rich, intensely fruited with plenty of dried fruits and peel tones and have a bone-dry finish with no cloying sweetness. (The exception is ‘Oloroso Dulce’ which are sweetened). Oloroso Sherry is aromatic and spicy. enjoy with braised beef, bitter chocolate, and bleu cheese. They drink like a finely aged bourbon.  

Palo Cortado: Another in-between category of sherry, Palo Cortado is basically an aged Fino.  Often described as having the nose of Amontillado with the body of an Oloroso, Palo Cortados typically have aromatic nuttiness, a honeyed quality, and a thicker texture than an Amontillado while remaining dry.

Pedro Ximénez: Sweet sherries are known by their grape varietal rather than a specific style. Pedro Ximénez sherries make up the lion’s share of this category. Pedro Ximénez sherries have a higher natural acidity and sugar content due to their fuller, plumper, and thinner-skinned grape. After harvest, the grapes are left to dry out. PX, as it is also known, has a thick, almost treacly texture, and an intense, rich flavor.

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NV Alvear - Montilla Moriles Solera 1927 Pedro Ximenez Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 33338 | Available
98 WA

The NV Pedro Ximenez Solera 1927 is non-vintage, but does have some 1927 material in it. This is totally dark brown/amber with notes of figs, toffee, caramel syrup, molasses and coffee. It is dense, super sweet, intense, rich and an amazingly, unctuously ...


NV Barbadillo - Jerez Cuco Oloroso Seco Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 91536 | Available

NV Barbadillo - Jerez San Rafael Medium Sherry

750ml | SKU 88464 | Available

NV Barbadillo - Jerez Cuco Oloroso Seco Sherry

750ml | SKU 72541 | Available

NV Barbadillo - Sherry Jerez Solear Manzanilla Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 58527 | Available

NV Barbadillo - Jerez Reliquia Pedro Ximenez Sherry Saca 22

375ml | SKU 92947 | Available

Only 16 half bottles were filled this year. This is bottle #16/16.


NV Bodegas Baron - Jerez-Xeres-Sherry Micaela Fino HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 93700 | Available

NV Bodegas Grant - Sherry Jerez La Garrocha Oloroso Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 60705 | Available

NV Bodegas Hidalgo - Jerez Napoleon Amontillado Sherry

500ml | SKU 23791 | 36 Available

NV Bodegas Hidalgo - Sanlucar de Barrameda La Gitana Manzanilla Sherry

500ml | SKU 32408 | 36 Available

NV Bodegas Hidalgo - Jerez-Xeres-Sherry Faraon Oloroso

500ml | SKU 97771 | 24 Available

NV Bodegas Hidalgo - Jerez-Xeres-Sherry Alameda Cream

500ml | SKU 97772 | 12 Available

NV Bodegas Hidalgo - Jerez Palo Cortado Wellington Sherry

500ml | SKU 67125 | Available

NV Cesar Florido - Chipiona Cruz del Mar Fino Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 61836 | Available

NV El Maestro Sierra - Jerez Fino Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 58773 | Available

NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Escuadrilla Rare Amontillado Sherry

750ml | SKU 58783 | Available

NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Fino de Jerez En Rama Sherry

500ml | SKU 58978 | 15 Available

The inland climate in the town of Jerez de la Frontera has an important influence in the development of the Finos from this area. Its long, hot summers and mild but wet winters provide a more rounded and fuller style of wine. This Fino, aged under ?flor? ...


NV Emilio Lustau - Fino del Puerto En Rama Sherry

500ml | SKU 58979 | 12 Available

The coastal town of El Puerto de Santa Mar?a enjoys mild weather all year round. This has a crucial influence on Finos aged therein since the flor grows in ideal environmental conditions. This fino, selected for its tipicity and genuineness, is aged under...


NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Don Nuno Oloroso Sherry

750ml | SKU 59055 | 19 Available

NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Jarana Fino Sherry

750ml | SKU 23646 | Available

NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Los Arcos Dry Amontillado Sherry

750ml | SKU 23648 | Available

NV Emilio Lustau - Jerez Emilin Moscatel Sherry

750ml | SKU 23653 | 12 Available

NV Harvey's - Jerez Bristol Cream Sherry

750ml | SKU 48230 | 49 Available

NV La Cigarrera - Manzanilla Sherry HALF BOTTLE

375ml | SKU 95438 | Available

NV Pedro Rodriguez - Jerez Jose Ramon Medium Sherry

750ml | SKU 64436 | Available

NV Pedro Rodriguez - Jerez Jose Ramon Fino Sherry

750ml | SKU 85930 | Available

NV Pedro Rodriguez - Jerez Jose Ramon Cream Sherry

750ml | SKU 89855 | Available

A full, sweet and aromatic traditional Sherry well rounded, with a dark, mahogany color, smooth and very intense on the palate. It is a blend of old dry and sweet Sherry. It can be served over ice with an orange twist, as an aperitif, or more traditionall...


NV Valdespino - Jerez Contrabandista Medium Dry Sherry

750ml | SKU 56876 | 12 Available

NV Valdespino - Jerez Palo Cortado Viejo C.P. VOS Sherry

500ml | SKU 67124 | 12 Available

NV Williams & Humbert - Jerez Dry Sack Medium Dry Sherry

750ml | SKU 60301 | 40 Available
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