Rye Whiskey

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Sazerac Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 53568 | 120 Available

Stellum Cask Strength Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 87538 | Available

The identity of Stellum Rye is rooted in a tried and true 95% Rye Indiana mash bill. To enhance this classic style, we incorporate small amounts more barley-forward rye and choice barrels from both Kentucky and Tennessee. This brings a full, round mouthfe...


Templeton 4 yr Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 48735 | 14 Available

In 2006, Templeton released their 4-year-old whiskey. This sourced product was based on a nearly century-old recipe developed by Alphonse Kerkhoff in Templeton, Iowa. The Templeton 4-year-old Rye Whiskey was distilled at MGP in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. Foll...


Baltimore Spirits Epoch Straight Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 85376 | 10 Available

Epoch: Straight Rye Whiskey The first Rye Whiskey distilled in Baltimore for over 50 years is one of the slowest pot-distilled whiskeys in the world. Double Gold winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


Glenallachie 10 yr Rye Wood Finish Single Malt Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 88792 | Available

This gorgeous golden malt has been matured in premium American Oak Wood Barrels before being re-racked into bold and punchy Kentucky Rye Casks. The different toasting and charring levels of these casks combined with the Rye maturation adds a rich and spic...


Very Olde St. Nick Ancient Cask 8yr Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 85839 | Available

For reference, the label Old St. Nick has existed for a while (possibly decades) in California and was keen on sourcing Kentucky whiskey of all kinds and selling it in the Japanese market where it thrived. When the bourbon and whiskey boom hit the US, Pre...


Very Olde St. Nick Cask Strength Summer Rye F-W14-2 Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 93085 | Available

Copper Fox Original Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 60164 | Available

Distilled from a unique blend of thoroughbred grains from the Northern Neck of Virginia; 2/3 rye, 1/3 barley, hand-malted and kiln-dried with applewood and cherrywood smoke. Double pot-distilled at a low 150 to 160 proof to enhance the fruitiness and mat...


WhistlePig 18 yr Rye Whiskey 750ml

750ml | SKU 80069 | Available

A long and patiently aged whiskey is only as good as the grain it's born from. With our oldest expression to date, we're tapping into the time-honored techniques of the farmer distillers who invented the category in America's early days. To kick start fer...

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