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Svedka Vodka
1.75L | SKU 49037
9 Available

If you think of Svedka as that Swedish vodka, you couldn't be more right. The name is a mashup of the words Svenska (the Swedish word for “Swedish") and vodka. So simple it's brilliant. Its clean, crisp taste has led to a boom in popularity over the last few decades. The vodka outperforms its price tag, which is friendly enough to be a surefire party starter. Whether you go with the original or any of the Svedka vodka flavors, it's the perfect choice for any cocktail.
What Are the Types of Svedka?
At the beginning, Svedka sold only its trademark unflavored vodka, which pairs nicely in any vodka-based drink, such as a martini, Bloody Mary or Cape Cod. Today, it has expanded into the flavored realm with more flavors than a pack of Starburst. Popular offerings include peach, raspberry, citron, cherry and vanilla, as well as exotic tastes like grapefruit jalapeño, orange cream pop and mango pineapple.
How Should You Drink Svedka?
Like ways to win a game of poker, the possibilities are seemingly endless. Svedka is the perfect complement to hundreds of cocktails, but it's just as good on ice with a touch of water. For the vodka purist, Svedka makes a delicious shot either chilled or at room temperature. The only thing that you really need to add to Svedka is your own personal preference.

Barcode: 617768111178