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Mezcal Union El Viejo Mezcal
750ml | SKU 79623
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Mezcal Union El Viejo – Made from espadin and tobala agave; plants 8 to 14 years old. More complex than Uno, with an earthier underbelly. Green pepper, cayenne, and mixed herbs, especially thyme, are all heavy on the nose. The palate presents a sharper, heavier smokiness, with notes of fresh-ground pepper, bright green herbs, and Latin-spices that evoke cumin and cayenne. The finish layers in a smoked salt character, with a long, well-balanced conclusion.

Mezcal Unión is an artisanal mezcal brand & co-op built with the intention to unite indigenous farmers and family producers from different communities of Oaxaca. The goal of Mezcal Union is to use fair ways of collaboration to share the spiritual beverage (mezcal) with the world, while preserving the traditional distilling craft and empowering locals to grow socioeconomically. By connecting maestros mezcaleros and agave farmers, Mezcal Union guarantees that every bottle of Union is made with care, with a greater goal of preserving the process & relationships for future generations.

Barcode: 7503020522031